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Looking for the latest update …

June 7, 2013 1 comment

… sadly you’re not going to find it here anymore. And to be honest, you’ve probably stopped following this blog because it has become inactive.

However, if you want to see life from my point of view, then click here:

From The Inside Out by Dan Gould

I hope you’ll stop by for a visit to be encouraged/challenged or to simply see what is going on in everyday life.  Here, I am writing thoughts from my daily time with Jesus, and capturing life as it happens. Hope to see you there.

Keep Running,



Jackson Update – 12.13.11

December 13, 2011 3 comments

Many of you have been asking how our youngest son Jackson has been doing.  I have tried to keep everyone in the know through twitter … but, 140 characters can only keep you so informed. So here is whats been happening over the last 4 months.

In March my family and I moved from Texas back to Missouri where I serve as the Community Pastor at First Baptist Church Harvester.  With Jackson seizures we knew we needed a good Neurologist that could take on the care that he received in Texas.  We found a great Neurologist and started to see him in June.

On August 8th, Jackson had two back-to-back seizure within an hour.  This had never happened before so he was taken to the hospital via ambulance. He was released after a couple of hours with an anti-seizure prescription and appointment with our Neurologist.

When meeting with our Neuro, He recommended putting Jackson on a new medication since his currents ones were at pretty high levels.  We began that process mid August and were seizure free till November as we made the transition from Depakote to Lamictal leaving his dose of Keppra the same.

On Monday, November 7th, Jackson had three seizures within an hour.  On his third seizure we called the ambulance as each seizure seemed to intensify.  He was given an anti-seizure medication and watched for a couple of hours.  We were released with a 3 day anti-seizure prescription (a form of Valium) and instructed to call our neurologist.

The very next day, Jackson had two seizures and a third one in the ambulance outside the house.  This was 6 seizures in a 24 hour period.  After the third seizure had stopped, the Ambulance took Jackson to Children’s STL where our Neurologist and team of Dr. could make sure nothing else was going on.  Jackson was admitted and kept on a pretty high dose of clonazepam for 24 hours and then a lower dose the next day.  We were released on that Thursday after spending 2 nights there for monitoring, with instructions to increase his new medication and a 3 day prescription of clonazepam.

I wish I could say it stopped there but, it didn’t.  Early the Friday morning after Thanksgiving, Jackson had a seizure while he was sleeping.  Thankfully it was just one seizure this time but it was a seizure none the less. Our neurologist made a final increase to his medication to get him at the level that he wanted him to be on in hopes that Jackson would have less seizures. However, that has not been our experience with this new medication yet.

In the last week, Jackson has had 7 seizures.  We believe be had one this morning while he was watching TV because of the way he is sleeping as I type this post. His Neurologist has made another adjustment and  increased his medication again.  From what we are told, it takes about 4 days for any changes in medication to take full effect.  Jackson is on a very low dose of this new medication and has room to be increased on it quiet a bit. We are prayerful that this is just a transition in medicine that will eventually, once we have the right levels and dosage, have better long-term results and allow Jackson to not have seizures.

Please continue to pray for Jackson.  We believe God has a great plan for him and us through this journey and we are trusting Him even when we have more questions right now than answers.

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Bible Challenge – James 2

September 14, 2010 2 comments

“What good is it, dear brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but don’t show it by your actions? Can that faith save anyone?” James 2:14

Don’t talk about IT, BE about IT! This has been a phrase that has been piercing my heart all summer.  Let’s face it, it’s easy to say that we are Christians, but it a whole different thing when we try to live out the things we say we believe.

Growing up as a kid, I was taught this phrase, “Actions speak louder than words.” If we were to pause for a moment and think about what our actions are saying, it might scare us. Many times, good or bad, we are labeled by our actions. When our words and actions align these labels tend to be positive. However, if our words and our actions conflict, these labels tend to be negative.

I’m wrestling with this thought but I think there is a lot of truth to it, many times our words reveal the intentions of our heart, but our actions reveal the meditation of our heart! It’s a powerful thing when our words and our actions actions align with our Faith in Christ Jesus. Don’t be fooled, people are watching! They are comparing the things we say with the way we live and they are more likely to listen to us when they see our words and actions don’t conflict.

So here is the challenge for today, let’s put our faith in action.  Let’s show the people around us what it means to have a relationship with Christ not just by the things we say, but by things we do. Don’t just talk about IT, BE about IT!

Father today, help us to live out the things we say we believe. When the temptation comes to do something that is in opposition of what we believe, empower us to resist that temptation. Let our actions speak louder than our words so that you can receive all the glory and others can see the difference you are making in our lives.

“Preach the gospel always, If necessary use words.” ~ St. Francis of Assisi.

Bible Challenge – James 1

September 13, 2010 7 comments

“But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.” James 1:22 (NLT)

I was 18 the first time I read this verse. My youth pastor had been challenging me to begin reading the Bible, and each time he challenged me I gave some lame excuse. Finally one night, I remember climbing in bed, picking up my Bible and thumbing through the page trying to find a place to start reading. To be honest, I was skeptical and at the time didn’t really understand why or how reading the Bible daily would change anything.

That night, I decided to read one chapter each night for at least a week.  Since the book of James was only 5 chapters, I decided to start there. As I started reading, God began to work in my heart. It was as if this letter was written directly to me because I was going through these things. I was going through some serious trials where I was searching for who I really was and what I was going to do now that I had graduated from High School.  I was dealing with a ton of temptation. Sometimes I’d give in and sometimes I wouldn’t.

But then I read these words, “But don’t just listen to God’s Word. You must do what it says.” Those words pierced my heart! I was convicted because I grew up in Church and I had heard God’s Word being taught on several occasions, but I wasn’t doing anything to apply the things I was hearing, I was just going through the motions.

I remember, thinking to myself, how come no-one ever showed me this verse before. I mean come-on, I’ve been in and out of Church since I was a baby, my parents were Sunday School teachers, my grandfather was a pastor, and I am just now reading this.

God really used that verse to get my attention. Today, as I read this, I’m reminded of how important it is to be TOTALLY PRESENT when I am hearing or reading the Word of God. Sometimes it’s easy to sit down to read and glance over what I am reading because 1) I’ve read it before or 2) because my mind is a million and one other places at that moment. However, being Totally Present means that I am reading or listening with an expectation that God is going to speak to me through what I am reading or hearing. It means that I’m not only going though the motions, but motions are going through me. (that sounds cheesy but I think that’s a really deep statement). Bottom line, it means that I begin to adjust my life, no matter how easy or difficult it may be, to align with the things God says in His Word.

Today, my prayer is that God would speak to each of us through His Word and that we would begin to adjust and align or lives around His Word. That when we read it, when we hear it that we would be Totally Present and allow His Word to change us from the inside out!

Father help us to not only hear your Word, but help us apply and do the things we hear and read so that our life will align with your Word!

Bible Challenge – Starts 9.13.10

September 10, 2010 1 comment

On Sunday, September 12, 2010 I role out a reading plan for Fusion that I believe will help students and adults engage in a daily reading plan that will take their walk with Christ to a deeper level. Because of this vision, I’ve created a reading plan that will help all of us to stay on track. I would love it if you picked one up and started it on Monday with the students. I’m challenging all of us to read one chapter a day, five days a week starting in the book of James. Very doable! If you need a Tri-Fold pick one up in the student center. If you are following this blog, just check here daily to see where we are going. This leads me to my next point!

On Monday, September 13, 2010 I am going to start blogging right here what I have read each day. It follows along with the reading plan and I am doing it in hopes that this blog can be a source of encouragement and a place where students, leaders, and others can post comments about what they gained from the daily reading. Here is what the post will look like from me each day.

1. I will write out the verse or passage that spoke to me from the daily reading.
2. I will write an application as to how I will apply that verse/verses
3. I will write a prayer asking God to give me the courage and power to apply this truth to my daily life.

But that’s not all, I am challenging you to begin to journal your thoughts in a Journal, or here in a comment. Could you imagine how our ministry would look if all of our students and leaders took this serious and began to get in their Bibles in this way. Could you imagine the resource that could be created if we posted our learning’s on this blog page? It could inspire and challenge others to get into Gods Word. I don’t know about you, but this EXCITES ME!!!!

Here is where I need your help … will you join me? Will you do this yourself, get your leaders in your group to do this, and encourage students to get involved in creating the Habit of spending time with God daily by reading His Word. I hope you will stack hands with me and be an active participant in this vision of getting people in the Word this year!!!

Remember our challenge this year – BE the LEADER you want your students to BE!

It’s going to be exciting! Are you IN?

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Session #6.2 – Daniel Pink – What Motivates us: … (Leadership Summit 2010)

August 6, 2010 Leave a comment


Humans have 3 drives


*management leads to compliance
*management doesn’t lead to engagement


*These are the big 4 things you need to leverage

Fed-x Day – 20% time
*allowing the team to work on something outside there focus to present to the whole organization

*Biggest motivator at work was making progress
*we need to help people see their progress
*HOW: flow is when you get caught in the moment of what you are doing
*we need to try to create moments where people can get in the flow of what they are doing
*collect feedback – beyond the annual review, it needs to be an authentic conversations
*encourage people take into their own hands
*send out goals at the beginning of the month at the end of the month you call yourself into the office to talk about the goals and how you are doing?

*Give them something to see that is larger than themselves
*What language do you use?
*we vs they – what pronoun do you tend to use?

Session #6.1 – Terri Kelly – When Leaders Emerge (Leadership Summit 2010)

August 6, 2010 Leave a comment

*Power of small groups – how do people not feel like a number but a active part of the organization
*Work collectively together – their job is to make everyone else work better not just as an individual but as a team.
*Create an environment where the leader changes with where the knowledge is for that moment or project is for that team.
*When you join, you by-in to the common values
*power of small teams
*we’re all in the same boat
*take a long term view
*are we involved in our community?
*are we being innovative?
*More Coaching then Bossing
*Leaders should coach others in the organization

*As leaders we have to learn how to divide in order to multiply!
*You are only a leaders if people want to follow you.