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Bible Challenge – Genesis 6

“So Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him.” v. 22 (NLT)

What a powerful statement!  Sometimes when we read something in the Bible we take away the present day challenges that faced the people God used. There was nothing special about Noah.  What set him apart is found in verse 9.  The Bible says that “Noah was a righteous man, the only blameless person living on earth at the time, and he walked in close fellowship with God.”  What a statement! But what God asks him to do next is crazy … build a boat!!!

Now we love the story because we see how it ends, but let think about this from Noah’s perspective.  Here are some excuses he could have given with legitimacy,

  • “But the closest body of water  is some 400-500 miles away from where I am!”
  • “What is rain? That’s absurd”
  • “There’s no-way I can get ALL the animals in one boat!”
  • “It will take way to long to build a boat that big, I mean, I don’t even have power-tools”
  • “Everyone is going to laugh at me and think I’m crazy!”

Noah could have given anyone of these excuses and not built the Ark.  However, Noah didn’t make excuses, he simply did exactly what God had commanded! Powerful!! But it’s also convicting!  How many times has God asked you or I to do something and we gave excuses instead of doing everything God commands.

The reality is this, each one of us have Ark like moments where God ask us to do something great for the Kingdom. But sadly, some of us are giving excuses instead of following His lead!

Today, will you be like Noah and take advantage of the Ark like moment and do exactly as God commands, or will you shrink back with excuses and miss the opportunity?

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