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Bible Challenge – Genesis 1

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” v.1 (NLT)

I am excited to be reading through Genesis.  So much of scripture comes back to theses first 5 books of the Bible known as the Pentateuch.  I encourage you to read with me.  Today, I posting one of the notes from my NLT Life Application Study Bible.  This is the Bible I read from, and highlight in on regular basis.  One day I hope to pass it on to my family so they can be challenged in changed by it as much as I have.

When we read Genesis 1, we see where all this stuff that we know as life begins. Some choose to believe while others choose to reject theses thing.  What you choose to believe will impact how you live, and what you teach your children.  This has never been more important to me than it is right now with my boys getting older.  I don’t want to answer their questions with, it’s in the Bible. I want to be able to show them where and begin a dialogue with them so they can begin to wrestle with the basic and deeper things of God as they grow to know Him.  Here’s what’s important to understand about verse 1.

“This simple statement that God created the heavens and the earth is one of the most challenging concepts confronting the modern mind. The vast galaxy we live in is spinning at the incredible speed of 490,00 miles an hour. But even at this breakneck speed, our galaxy still needs 200 million years to make one rotation. And there are over one billion other galaxies just like ours in the universe.

Some scientist say that the number of starts in creation is equal to all the grains of all the sands on all the beaches of the world. Yet this complex sea of spinning stars functions with remarkable order and efficiency. To say that the universe ‘just happened’ or ‘evolved’ requires more faith than to believe that God is behind these amazing statistics. God truly did create a wonderful universe.

God did not need to create the universe; he chose to create it. Why? Because God is love, and love is best expressed toward something or someone else – so God created the world and people as an expression of his love. We should avoid reducing Gods creation to merely scientific terms. Remember that God created the universe because he loves us.”

Today, look for evidences of God the Creator and then thank him for all the things He has made and blessed you with.

Read it all: Genesis 1.

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