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Bible Challenge – Mark 13

“Jesus replied, ‘Don’t let anyone mislead you,’” v. 5 (NLT) read more here

There is a lot of talk about the end of the world lately.  With the earthquakes, tornado’s, and floods, people seem to be on edge lately.  We even have people claiming that the world will end on May 21st.  However, all these things are described by Jesus in Mark chapter 13, but He starts by saying to be careful of being misled.

I do believe that we are seeing signs of the return of Christ, but no-one truly knows the day or hour this will happen.  This can be scary for those who do not know Christ or have a relationship with Him. But for those that believe Jesus is the Messiah and have confessed and surrendered to Him as Lord and Savior, can have confidence that what ever happens on this Earth, their Eternity is secure in the Grace of God and the redemption of Christ. So here’s the question ….

Today,  when it comes to the End of the World, do you stand in fear, or do you have Faith that Jesus is still in control?

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