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300 – Will you do your part?

God is blessing us here at Harvester!  We continue to grow as we strive to worship, love, and go.  We’ve seen over 350 people join our body in the last two years and our average attendance has increased by over 600!  We’ve also witnessed 178 people publicly profess their faith in Christ through baptism!  We owe all of this to our awesome God.

As we look towards the future, we acknowledge we have a significant barrier to growth: the lack of space in our 10:45 AM Worship Service.  Most weeks the room is filled to 90% capacity or more.  Market research and our own experience show that this atmosphere isn’t inviting to newcomers.  Frequently guests arrive, can’t find a place to sit, turn around and leave without ever hearing the gospel in our services.  Something has to change.

We know that most first-time guests choose the 10:45 AM service and so we need to ensure that space is available; it is our best opportunity to share the gospel.  As we look towards Easter, we know that many of our guests will attend the second service and some will choose to come back in the weeks following.  This will amplify our current problem.

In an effort to eliminate this obstacle to the gospel, we’re asking for 300 folks in the 10:45 AM Worship Service to commit to shifting their Sunday morning routines and move permanently to our identical 9 AM service.  We know that this isn’t a convenient change, but if you and your family are able to shift we ask you to bless your church in this way.

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