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Church Stalker

A couple of years ago my wife called me a church stalker because of the time I spend learning from and looking at other churches websites!  The name has kinda stuck! Because of this desire to learn it has allowed me to come across some really cool ideas that we can implement in the church.

Recently I have been thinking of ways to make a website/blog/app more personal.  Today as I searched, I stumbled across one of my ideas that New Spring church is actually doing and doing very well.  It kinda has an I am Second feel to it but it seems to be more relational because it’s the story of everyday people.  I’ve only watched two of them so far, but the ones I have seen have literally made my eyes swell.  This is the power of Christ at work in the lives of everyday people.  It’s real, its raw and unscripted. It brings power to what the Bible says in Revelation 12:11,

“They have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony. And they did not love their lives so much that they were afraid to die.”

Here is just one of the stories that are featured on the New Spring Church website! If you have the time watch some others while you are there.  Powerful stories of what Christ is doing in the everyday life of people just like you and me!

You have a story to tell!  Are you sharing yours with others? Would you be willing to tell your story on video?


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