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Bible Challenge – Matthew 1

“And she will have a son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” v 18

From His virgin birth, to his death on a cross, Jesus sole purpose was to Glorify God by rescuing people from their own sin. God had a purpose for his life and Jesus lived each day to fulfill that purpose.  His life revealed to us what it meant to love, forgive, encourage, correct, teach, rebuke and how to walk with God.  His resurrection provided for us salvation and the forgiveness of sin.

As we begin this journey thru the Gospels I hope you will learn more about Him and make much of His Name in this life, so others can experience Him by your influence. But here is the question I have to ask: Have you trusted Jesus with your life? If not, I encourage you to join with us and read about Him and respond to the Gospel as you get to know Him. If you have trusted Jesus with your life, I encourage you to join with us and begin to pray how you can live out the Gospel on a daily basis.

Today, ask God to reveal who He is so you can respond accordingly to this Gospel we are about to journey through!

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