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Leaving a Legacy

January 18, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today, I attended a memorial service to celebrate the life of a man I never met! However, after hearing the testimony of the life he lived, I wish I would have had the opportunity.  Story after story, people shared of his life, his commitment to Christ, his love for his wife, kids & grand-kids, his generosity, his integrity, and his knowledge of scripture. I quickly realized that this wasn’t just a man who said he was a Christ-Follower, this was a man who lived every day for Jesus! The evidence of his relationship with Christ was seen and heard by the testimony of the people in the room.

As I listened I was challenged, convicted, & encouraged to think about my own life & the legacy I would leave behind.  Would my boys be able to stand as his sons & daughters did today to tell about how their dad lived everyday for Jesus & challenged them to also? Would people be able to see evidence that I loved my wife as Christ loved the Church, & would others be impacted for Jesus by my influence?

These are all questions that we need to ask ourselves from time to time.  These are the very things that will define who we are, who we live for, and who we touch with our life. It is the legacy that we will someday leave behind.  We don’t know how or when that may be, but lets live with no regret, taking advantage of the day and living it as if it were our last!

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