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Bible Challenge – 1 Corinthians 1

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“The Message of the cross is foolish to those who are headed for destruction! But we who are being saved know it is the very power of God.” v.18 (NLT)

The Cross! A symbol people wear around their neck, on a t-shirt, or as body art. It a symbol that has become a fashion statement adorned by believers and non-believers. But the cross is so much more than a fashion accessory.

Over 2ooo years ago, the cross was a symbol of death.  It wasn’t something worn as a fashion accessory, but something carried in the final hours of someones life.  It would be much like an electric chair today.  So the message of the cross has always centered around death.

But when Jesus was nailed to the cross, death and life collided.  Because the message of The Cross is good news to all of mankind. The Cross reveals the Greatest Expression of Love and Devotion. You see without the Cross, we are held responsible for our sin. The Bible says, “that the wages of sin is death.” Because God punishes sin, the Cross was the extreme punishment for sin. The Cross was the place where sin collided with God’s wrath & judgment!

But, because God is a loving God, the Cross is the extreme expression of God’s love!  Jesus took on God’s Wrath and Judgment, when He was crucified on the Cross.  The Cross stands between God’s wrath and God’s love! It reveals both a God that seeks Justice and God that provides Love.  Therefore, it’s through the cross, where we experience the love of God and are able to love Him and others!

Today, when you think of the cross what do you think of?  Has the Cross just become a symbol to be adorned or has it become the place where you surrender everything you are, for everything He is?


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