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Mark 6:7-13

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“And he called his twelve disciples together and began sending them out two by two, giving them authority to cast out evil[a] spirits.” v. 7 (NLT)

The Disciples were sent out in pairs.  Individually they could have reached more areas of the country, but this was not Christ’s plan.  The advantages in going out by twos include:

  1. They could strengthen each other.
  2. They could provide comfort in rejection.
  3. They could give each other discernment, and fewer mistakes would be made.
  4. They could stir each other to action as a counter to idleness or indifference.

Our strength comes from God, but He meets many of our needs through teamwork with others.  As you serve Christ, don;t try it alone.  – NLT Life Application Study Bible

Today: Who are you teaming with to share Christ with others?  Do you have someone that you can stack hands with so these 4 things can happen in your life?

Prayer: Father, you have called us to be light in dark places, to share the hope of the Gospel with love and compassion.  But for some reason fear gets the best of us.  We fear what they might say, or what they might ask that we can’t answer.  Help us not to fear, but to trust that you will guide us and give us the power we need at the appropriate time,  whether it’s sharing with someone who is open to you and we are received with love, or sharing with someone who is closed to you and rejects you and persecutes us with words or action.  Regardless of the outcome, let us go with Boldness and Power that comes from you through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

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