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Mark 6:1-6

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Then Jesus told them, “A prophet is honored everywhere except in his own hometown and among his relatives and his own family.” v.4 (NLT)

Jesus understands rejection, ridicule, and disappointment.  Sometimes the hardest people to share the Truth of the Gospel with are the people that are closest to us.  I find it interesting that the people were amazed by His teaching and the power He had to perform miracles, but when they started talking about who He was and where He came from they started to scoff, discredit, and reject the things He was saying.

Here is the lesson for us.  The Gospel is powerful, it can change the hardest heart, but sometimes people will reject it and the messenger that brings it.  If Jesus experienced this, why should we think that it can’t happen to us.  Here are four reasons I think this happens

  • People are afraid of the things they cant explain! (fear)
  • People are comfortable in the here and now! (complacency)
  • People think they are ok! (pride)
  • People don’t want to deal with their stuff (guilt)

I am sure there are way more reasons that people have to not accepting the the Gospel, but these are ones that I hear more than others.  Remember, our job is not to change them, our job is to share Christ with them.  The way that they respond, is up to them.

Today: Are you sharing the Gospel with the people that are closest to you?  Have you experienced some rejection?  If so, it’s ok, even Jesus was rejected by those that knew Him the most!

Prayer: Father help rest in the Good News, knowing that it has the power to transform the softest and hardest heart.  Help us to share your truth with the people that are closest to us.  Help us to love them unconditionally regardless of how they respond to the Gospel.  Let us not seek their approval or their applause but, let us seek to please you, for you have done great things for us.  Let us experience your power and your peace as we boldly proclaim your truth and your love for us!  Advance your Kingdom through us!

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