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Something new, refreshing, and challenging!

I have to be honest, since the beginning of the New Year I’ve wanted to do something different with my reading of Scriptures and how I spent time alone with God and then blogged about it here.  I have wrestled with where to start for a while now! I didn’t want to repeat reading the go to books and passages that I love and familiar with, but at the same time I still have so much to learn in them.  However, I wanted something that seemed new, refreshing and challenging.

Since the 1st I have bounced around in some of the Psalms, looked and prayed about starting some other devotional, or book study but feel led to go slowly through the Gospel of Mark. So, if you are a reader of the blog, I thank you, and hope that you will join me as we read through the Gospel of Mark together.  I will try to post daily applications and would love to be Challenged and Encouraged by your thoughts and own personal leanings from those passages also.

Today, When it comes to Gods Word, do you have a plan that allows you to read, pray, and meditate on scripture? If you don’t have a reading plan, I hope you will join me.  Grab a bible and check the blog daily for the a simple thought and challenge for the day.

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