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Fast Trip and a Fast Weekend

Where did it go?

The weekend was filled with highs and lows but defiantly one we wont forget.  The highs would include seeing our families, celebrating with Rachel on Graduating College, Eating at Mexican Villa in Springfield MO, taking the bots to Dunnigan Park in Bolivar MO.  This is the place that Stephanie and I started dating and have been dating ever since. The weekend ended with a great end of the year small group party at the Winters Home for our 11th and 12th graders and a Craw-fish Boil today at the Millsaps.  These were some awesome times in a cram packed weekend. But it wouldn’t be a Gould weekend without some sort of Drama.

Here are the lows from the weekend, Pizza Hut in McAlester OK, The Drive to Missouri, Josiah getting croup while in MO, The Drive back to Texas in the rain, which caused us to miss the Big Cabin exist forcing us to take the long way home. But the real kicker came Sunday Morning when our projectors went out just before our MS service.  This through me off so much because I had 2 videos taking up 8 minutes of my talk.  We ended up showing it on a little 27 inch stage monitor turned to the crowd.  Talk about throwing you off your game.  I was thankful we got one projector working for the HS school service.

However, even though it went by fast, it was a good weekend filled with several memory markers.  Here are some pics that I captured from the weekend:

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