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1 Timothoy 6

“Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth.” v. 6

What does it take for you to be content?  Do you find yourself always looking for possessions to make you happy?  We live in a materialistic world that says, whoever has more is happy.  This ideas that more equals a happy full life, leads people down the road of an unsatisfied life trying to always achieve that next great thing or looking to that next great gadget to make them feel happy and content.  Sadly this cycle is a never ending cycle.  Stuff gets old, breaks, and something new is always around the corner to replace it, just look at the ipod for that matter.

Paul tells Timothy that true contentment comes from God?  Some people may diagree with this because it requires us to have faith and not strive for earthly things.  If true contentment comes from God, these questions have to be asked, how content are you?  What are you doing to find this contentment, or what are you doing to stay content?  These are the questions I am asking myself today and hope you will think through also.

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