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Josiah aka Womanizer

February 12, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, today was valentine party day at MDO where Josiah goes to school.  On Tuesday Night Stephanie had Josiah put his name on all of his classmates Valentine cards.  As he was filling them out he asked if he could give one to Dani “his girlfriend”.  Dani was the girl that Joe played with all last year.  They were in the same class but this year they are not.  So this morning, he went to the other class and gave her the Valentine present that he had picked out for her.  Her eyes got real big when she saw him and saw the little heart shaped box of chocolates, Josiah got ready to walk away and she gave him a hug! It was a proud moment for the Gould boys.  Josiah was on cloud 9 and I was so proud of him!

When I picked him up, Dani came into his classroom and gave him a special valentine.  Again it ended with a hug.  At this age it really cute and so innocent . . . I just hope I am not training him to be the womanizer that Brittany Spears describes in her song but a young man that will treat girls and women like a daughter of the King.

Here are some pics of him putting his classmates gifts together!

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