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Jackson Update #7 from Home

February 5, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

We are glad to be home with Jackson, but I must admit last night I was questioning whether we made the right decision to come home or not.  Jackson is really congested.  He now has mucus in his nose that has to be suctioned several times throughout the day.  He has been so couped up for the last couple of days that he runs around the house like a wild man even though you can tell he doesn’t feel good.  I couldn’t imagine trying to contain or entertain him like this in the Hospital.

We had a scare last night when he got a little choked up from the mucus right before we were going to bed.  He tried to cough it out but couldn’t.  I think he swallowed most of it, you could tell he was scared by the look on his face.  The good news is after that, the night went pretty good.  In fact, Jackson is still sleeping now, praise Jesus.

We will keep you posted on how he is doing.  I am hoping today is a turning point like Tuesday was.  Thanks again for all the prayers and support you have shown us and Jackson!

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