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Jackson Update #3 Childrens Medical Dallas

February 2, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well today didn’t go like we expected.  Jackson has kept his O2 on most of the day.  When they take it off his level drops so they have to put it back on.  They tested today to see if he picked up a virus other than the croup he has.  At this point it seems like the original reason why we were here has become secondary to the condition he is in now.  He has slept all day and has to be held by Stephanie or myself.  If not he cries.  The Nurse sucked his nose and throat to remove some of the mucus.  It made him very upset and seemed to have a little affect.

So, we go into the night with a lot of questions and not a lot of answers.  They did a swab test today and we will get those results in the morning.  They have pretty much put him in a quarantine set up, doctors, nurses and visitors have to wear mask.  Kinda reminds me of ET but not that extreme.

The doctor just came in and asked if he Jackson was RSV positive.  So they said they will continue the O2 and and suction all night.  Sounds like tonight isn’t going to be fun!!!

His fever just went up to 103.  For Jackson that is beyond the danger zone for seizures.  It’s starting to come down now we have to keep it down so we don’t have to worry about seizures on top of the other stuff!  Please pray everyone gets some much needed sleep!!!!

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