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Jackson ICU update

February 1, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

As many of you know at the conclusion of the Grace Fusion Bowl during the Chili Challenge, Jackson had a seizure while at church.  His seizure only lasted a bout 5 minutes but his eyes didn’t look normal.  We took him to to the ER at Children’s Medical Center Plano.  While there, Jackson had another seizure.  This happened while they were poking him trying to get blood.  They poked several times, very frustrating when they turn your child into a pin cushion.   After about 2-3 hour in the ER with several nurses attending him they transported us to the ICU at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.  I guess seizure + croup = ICU

We have made it through the night, Jackson is still fighting a fever, up and down, up and down.  His room is a refrigerator.  The attendant says that Jackson will be moved to his own room this afternoon.  We will be here at least another 24 to make sure he transitions to oral meds ok.

Both Stephanie and I are tiered from the fun football tournament yesterday.  We have one champion in the family.  Stephs team took first place in the girls division.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get the luxury of sleeping in our own bed, Stephanie, got the luxury of sleeping on the fold out chair in his room and I got the not so awesome recliner in the waiting room.

Thanks for all the prayers and texts.  It really speaks to our heart and is so encouraging to read the words and see the support.  Things like this make you feel isolated and lonely, something the enemy takes pleasure in.  However, seeing these just reminds us of Gods love and Faithfulness to us.

I will update my twitter (check the side bar for updates, or follow me as a friend) and facebook more often than this blog so check there so you can know how to pray as things arise!

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