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You’re my Father

January 27, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today as I was getting Joe ready for school (he was complaining about going, he’s only 4, we have a long way to go at this rate) he asked if I could give him a piggyback ride up to his room to get some clothes.  I was going to say no but instead, I asked him why?  He answered without hesitation and said, “Because you are my Father!”

The moment he said that my heart was filled with joy and instantly my mind changed from saying, “no” to saying, “get on and lets go!”

At first I thought it was no big deal.   But as I drove to the church today, I couldn’t stop thinking about how big that statement was and how it relates to my relationship with God.

Josiah had no reservation about asking me for what he wanted.  In his world I am his dad and why wouldn’t I give him a piggyback ride?  It’s kinda a no brain-er.  But then when I heard him acknowledge me as his father it made my heart swell with joy and I wanted to give him what he was asking for!

So here’s the lesson.  I have a Heavenly Father that wants to bless me more than I could ever try to bless my son, all I need to do is ask.

Why ask . . . Because He is my Father!!

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