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Jesus Loves ME this I know . . .

Do you remember the song?  When Josiah was real little, this is the song that I would sing to him as I was putting him to sleep, or trying to calm him down.  Last night Jackson was having a terrible time trying to go to sleep.  I think he has some teeth coming in that is really causing him to be fussy.  So as I laid in bed holding him I started singing Jesus loves me. Within seconds, Josiah who was laying next to us, started singing also.  We must have sung the song several times and each time I was reminded of how deep and true those word are.  It made me think of the random text that a student sent me and others last night that said , Jesus love you!  Not only did I sing the song to Jackson to calm him down, I needed those words and the reminder yesterday also and it brought peace and comfort to me as well!

Today is a new day, remember that Jesus love YOU!

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  1. January 7, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    Hey Dan.
    I found your blog a few months back on PDYM community and have been reading since. I love the stuff you post on here.

    I’ve been having a rough year in college and have been fighting to register for the past few weeks, but have been held back. (policy stuff) Anyways, I finally am getting the chance today to register and have been freaking out and panicking a lot lately.

    Then I saw this post. It is so true how comforting those words are. I’m at complete peace of what is to come of this next semester.

    Appreciate it.

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