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Lessons for a 4 year old: Stealing is Wrong

December 24, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today, we took Jackson to get some test run and while we were there Josiah played with the toys in the waiting room like always.   No big deal right!  Well when we got home I happened to notice that Josiah had a car from the doctors office.  When I saw the car I asked him how it got home with us?  He said, “I put it in my pocket because I wanted it.”  As I looked at him, I was saddened that he would do this, but knew it was a teaching moment.  We talked through why it was wrong for him to take the car and how we needed to take the car back after Christmas.  I know there will need to be some follow up conversations because after he figured out we weren’t taking the car back until after Christmas his next question was, “well can I play with it until we give it back?”

Being a Dad is a big responsibility.  As our boys grow up it is going to cause us to really watch how we raise them by what we model, and teach with our actions and words.  I don’t believe Josiah thought anything was wrong with him taking the car, but the lesson is one that I would rather teach earlier than later.

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