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A Sad Celebration

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today was Josiah’s Christmas Party at Grace.  This year has been a hard year for him given all the things that have been happening around him.  The party was filled with Cake, juice, presents and parents.  The kids had such a good time.  Afterward, Mrs. Janet passed out gifts, I expected a little gift but Josiah walked away with a little Bible, a transformer, and a snow globe Manger.  Mrs. Janet and Mrs. Erin really went out of their way to make this party special for each kid.  Thank you so much!!!!

However, today marked the last day that Josiah will have Mrs. Janet as his teacher.  He has taken it really well so far, and even though she was dying on the inside she held her composure today.  It had to be hard for her because her love for these kids oozes out of her.  As a parent, I have seen Josiah learn so much just from Mrs. Janet’s way of teaching, especially the Bible Stories!  The next teacher has some big shoes to fill.  Mrs. Janet will be greatly missed!

Thank you Mrs. Janet for your faithful service to Grace Community Church and the “Funky Frogs”!!!

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