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Acts 4:32-37

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“All the believers were united in heart and mind. And they felt that what they owned was not their own, so they shared everything they had.” v. 32

Unity is a powerful thing!  The early church understood it’s importance and therefore made sure that everyone was taken care of.  This is still the model for the church today.  It’s not something that happens naturally in our culture due to the lure of materialism.  But a church that stand united, focused on Christ and helping others.  It is a church that will stand the test of time and see God do wonderful things in their midst (like the early church).  A church that stand divided will be a church that doesn’t reach it’s full potential because people are headed in several different directions.

We can learn a lot from the early church.  This was a church starting in very dangerous times, but they pulled together, stayed focused on Christ, committed to each other, made appropriate personal sacrifice, and had tremendous follow-through.  The early church was blessed by God because the were a blessing to God, and all the believer played a part in making the early church what is was.

Today, think about your church!  Is your church unified or divided? What role are you playing in your church?  How can you make a difference?  Do you protect the unity of the church you attend?  It’s a powerful thing when the Church is United, and each of us has an important role!!!!

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