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What a Week!!!

November 21, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s seems that the last two weeks have been crazy busy.  It has really impacted my blogging . . . I just haven’t had time to write so here is a highlight of the week looked like for us.

Both boys have been sick.  Not running a fever sick but we took them both to the doctor on Monday to find out that Josiah had croup and Jackson was put on an antibiotic.  On Thursday, after the antibiotic seemed to be making no difference for Jackson and his congestion was causing him to throw up, we called the doctor and explained the symptoms and what we saw.  Based on our visit and the symptoms the doctor said he had a sinus infection and changed his medication.  Today he seems to be doing a little better.

Josiah missed two days of school this week but wanted to make sure he didn’t miss his teachers B-day on Wednesday.  He made it on Wednesday and on our way to school we stopped to get her a little gift and Josiah picked out flowers.  He is going to be a Womanizer when he get older!


Stephanie has decided to turn our house in to Christmas wonderland over the last two days.  She called me scrooge earlier today because I was complaining about putting the lights on the tree. (FYI – I hate putting lights on a tree) What happened to Thanksgiving?

Tonight we watched Kung Fu Panda.  It was really good!! Now Josiah runs around the house, like he didn’t before, karate chopping and kicking everything.  He reminds me of me when I was a kid.

At small groups we made a music video and will show it Sunday during the Big Give.  Tomorrow I go play paintball with the 8th and 9th grade guys!  Should be fun I let you now how it goes tomorrow!

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