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Late Night

Last night one of our former students (Josh Robinson) was in town playing drums for Dave Barnes, so the family made the trek to DBU to hang out with him and catch a free show.  I must admit that DBU has from what i saw, a great campus.  It sits on a hill overlooking a lake and the metroplex.  But this post isn’t about DBU.

It’s always fun to hang out with Josh!  He has experienced so much at a young age . . . good things and bad things.  Each of these things has and is shaping him in to who he is becoming.  However, I still see the teenager who was asking questions about God and Girls. I see a leader who stood up to do something when no-one else could or would.  I see a friend.  It amazes me how God could use someone like me and yet at the same time teach me and bless me so much in the process.

Why do I work with students?  2 reasons – 1.) Because if someone hadn’t stepped into my life when I was 18, I don’t know where I would be today.  2.) Because of what I saw last night!  Someone who is trying to find God in all he does.

Josh, it was well worth the drive!

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