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Crazy Good

This week has been crazy busy, but as I write this I can’t help but think how good the week was.  Here is a brief shakedown of my week:

Monday – All day leadership training at Grace click here to read more!

Tuesday – Student Staff Meeting, Interview and audition/practice with perspective Student Worship Candidate.

Wednesday – Jackson had a doctor appointment in the AM, this always make for an exciting PM and it did.  At about 6:00 pm as we were getting ready to leave for a ball game with students, Jackson starts crying and throwing his head back as if he is in pain.  He would calm down for a little while, like a minute, and then start again.  Each time he would wear himself out causing him to have to try to catch his breath because he was crying so hard.  After about thirty minutes I got him to calm down by talking loudly to him saying, “Daddy’s here, you are going to be ok, Jackson Daddy’s here, you are going to be ok!”  It amazes me how a comforting voice can can change how others feel.  He started to calm down after that.  However, it was really scary.

From this, we went to the ball park.  It may sound bad but our thought was if we were going to have to take him to the hospital, the ball park is closer to the hospital than our house is.

The Rough Riders Stadium is nice.  For 15.00 dollars, we saw a game, ate all you could eat hot dogs, burgers, chicken sandwiches, and BBQ pork, chips, and drink, AND got a Rough Riders hat.  Pretty sweet deal.  the home team won, the weather was perfect, and everyone had a good time!

Thursday – Plowed through small group curriculum for the year for each age group. Made training books for Small Group Leader/Coaches and our B2S Retreat curriculum and held band practice with potential Student Worship Coordinator.

Friday – NOTHING – Blogging and then hanging out with the family! Well my wife just asked if we could go shopping for the Cafe’, so . . . I guess its not nothing!

Here are some pic of our Fusion Family Night at the Rough Riders Game!

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