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Anniversary – Six Years of Marriage Bliss

That’s right, today is our six year anniversary.  Yes, Stephanie has put up with me for six years and I look forward to many more years together.  I think she does also!!!

We started the night out at Terilli’s.  Last year a couple of people got us a gift card to Terilli’s and we loved it.  The food was good and the atmosphere was great.  However, last night the atmosphere was still great, but the food and the service not so good!  We came with great expectation but left with less than average experience.  If it wouldn’t have been for the Dark Chocolate Seduction cake, we would have really left disappointed in the food.

Following dinner, we decided to go see the Dark Night.  Great movie, not for kids, and very long.  There is one point that I thought the movie was going to end but then it continues for almost another 45 minutes.  We both liked it! A lot of action and the story line is pretty darn good!

Last Night, was fun!  I look forward to growing old together!  Here is a pic for my Jeep before we went on our adventure!

This is the pic Stephanie likes, I think I look anoid and not that excited. There is a better pic of both of us but she didn’t like her hair in them!

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