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Mexico Day 7 – Student Perspectives

Today was the last day to work in Mexico.  This week has been so life changing for all that are involved.  We finished our VBS by showing parents what we had taught their kids all week long.  There were a lot of tears as we said good bye.  Following the VBS we ate PollosDon Triny where we had the best Mexican food I have ever eaten.  Then, we hit the shops for some Mexican souvenirs.  I bought Joe a little guitar for $10.00, he is going to love it.

Tonight we ended a great week with a great church service.  It was amazing to to see all of us worship even with the language barrier.  God spoke to one of our students who was really questioning the existence of God this week in a real way in the service.  You can read his perspective below with some of the others students thoughts also.  Here are the pictures I took today!

It really stinks that today is the last day. I’m REALLY upset. This has been quite an experience. I came here thinking the wrong thoughts like, whats gonna happen with my tan line? or which friends i am gonna become closer to and i was looking forward to helping the kids, but it was sort of for my own experience.

I am really glad i got a chance to come on this trip. It really has impacted me greatly, and i won’t ever be the same again. I now have a new perspective on life. I really encourage any other person that gets offered a chance like this to go for it. I will never forget these kids, the sermons, and the adults that still had so much faith in God, even with what little they had, and they thought they were so blessed.

I’m not sure how to describe this experience, but it was definitely amazing. –Alyssa

This has been an experience like no other to me. I hope i have touched the lives of other and i feel i have progressed in my faith.  My feeling are indescribable. We joke about the kids in Africa that are missing out on the food you waste or the things you throw in the closet. Well i have seen the kids in Mexico and i truly have no right to ever complain for what i have again. I live in an ornery generation and i have taken part in it every day. It makes me sick to my stomach of how selfish i have lived and i strongly intend to change that. I have complained about not having the latest technology and i have met a man who praises god for the blessing of his cardboard house and refrigerator. We are ignorant. Ignorant of what it could be and ignorant of how blessed we are for the things we find as common necessity.  These people live with hardly anything and they are happier than I. I envy them and am happy for them because they have joy in poverty. I dont know what else to say… ~James

This week has been the best week of my year. Mexico was so fun. Meeting the kids telling them about our wonderful GOD. They have nothing but they are still muy, muy, bueno. The kids are fun to play soccer with. They are the best soccer players. At the beginning of the week i was scared because what I heard. But everything was good God was watching over us to keep us safe. It was so fun!!! I am so glad my parents let me go and i am glad they went with me. it has changed every ones life. God is the best thing that can happened in your life!!! -Justin

This week was the most amazing week i have ever had in my life. I had so much fun this week. I loved being able to interact with all the little kids and of course the bigger kids and parents. This week has changed my life this week so much. I will  never, ever, ever complain again. I could not stop crying today. I dont want to leave all of these kids. I have gotten to know them so much. I am extremely sad to be leaving them. This trip has showed me how good we have it in Plano and in the united states. This has showed me how good God is and how awesome he is. I can not wait until next year when i go. God is absolutely amazing and can change your life for the good.  –Kelly

hey everyone, Mexico has been great and i am so glad i got to experience with the people that i love at my church. This trip has taught me that i cant be selfish with what i have and i have to appreciate the blessings that i have. People in Mexico have absolutely nothing but they are so happy, just because they have God in there lives. I will be so sad when we leave, because i have gotten so close to some of these kids. -Kassidy

My second entry today for my first entry with god. Tonight was amazing. Those wonderful people who praise the lord with such passion had brought him to that church that i went to tonight, expecting it to be just another night on the trip. Without thinking I danced with everyone during worship. It started with the music. This music ignited every ones hearts which brought forth the presence of god. I danced and again asked god to help me connect , I cried out for the last time. The tears started coming as i began to think about what we had taught to the children this week and what my pastor had said to me. As the song ended I announced what i had started to feel. I admitted that “god has penetrated my heart”. That’s when i felt it. I felt as if my heart was charged and my hands felt as if they had lit on fire. I could not stop shaking as was bawling. Its an unbelievable feeling that you can only experience for yourself. I’m glad that the door is open for me to feel that as i wish, all the time. ~James

This has been an amazing experience.  The people here are so friendly, always shaking your hand or hugging you.  The children are adorable and so loving.  But what has really struck me is their spirit.  Most people would pity them, seeing only what they have financially or materially.  But they have exceedingly more than us spiritually.  They have so much faith, and are always content and grateful for what they have.  They are a prime example that God is truly all we need.  We have so much, and all we want is more and more.  They have so little, and all they want is God.  I envy that. ~Jonathan

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