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Mexico Day 5 – Student Perspectives

Today was HOT! VBS is going so well!!!! The students are doing an awesome job and our church and parents should be very proud of them. Today we successfully finished day 2 of our rotation of tours, soccer and working in the warehouse. The warehouse organizes all the school supplies that have been donated to go across the border. Today I played soccer and actually scored a goal. However, this came after I bit it hard and hurt myself1 Why . . . because 1. I am getting older or 2. There is no grass and we are playing on a rock/dirt field, who am I kidding . . . it’s mostly rock. I would love to say it is only because of number 2, but then I would be lying? Every time I get out there I am doing good . . . I get showed up by the 12 year olds from our trip!

We finished the day at Mr Gatti’s pizza, then swimming in the lake. Here are some pics from today, and student perspectives!

Today is day 3 of VBS. We, the drama team did a skit about sin and how it can consume you. We did it for the first time this morning and it was hit with the kids. After it was done we all gave a little Bible verse and an explanation. After that we headed to a little park thing where there was a little soccer/basket ball court.  We played for a little while we moved back to the Church and did crafts with the kids. When that was through we moved to a soccer field and played soccer for an hour and we were so hot. Today was a lot of fun and there is still more to come. Tomorrow is salvation story day and that should be a lot of fun.  –Scott

Today I saw the warehouse and I worked to give most of the school supplies to the Mexicans. I also worked with the kids in VBS for the drama I worked with a chair that said sin I knew that if you sin it will be stuck to that sin until you look to god for guidance and you should ask for forgiveness and should praise him the lord in worship. Well today was awesome and I bet the next day when we do the salvation skit the kids, teens, and the adults will have fun at VBS tomorrow.  –Paul

YESTERDAY I PET A DEER.  We went to a church service last night in Acuna, and my perspective on my relationship with God is completely different. Josh joined into worship with his guitar, and sang songs with a local woman. To hear the same song sung in two different languages with such passion was a life changing experience. At the end of the service, they had an offering basket to give money to the church. Little by little the locals piled to the front to present the small amount of change they had to offer. It blew my mind to think that with such little possessions, they are willing to give up the little amount they had. In seeing a different country worshipping God, The Great Commission has a whole new meaning to me. I now see that it is ABSOLUTELY possible to spread the word of God in all nations and see our world change. –Jaime

Wow, i had doubts about even coming to Mexico, but now that i am here, i am so glad i came. The kids here are so friendly! They don’t even care that we don’t speak their language that well. They still laugh and joke around with us (sometimes even talk with us in Spanish a little). Something i thought was really cool that Josh said during worship this morning was: “God doesn’t speak English or Spanish, he speaks to us with love.”  You’d think that the language barrier would be a problem, but its not- seeing all the guys playing soccer together and all the girls skipping down to the park arm-and-arm is really cool. I got to see so amazing things on this trip. Today we went touring (we took a van and drove and walked around some neighborhoods in Acuna). We literally walked by houses made of scraps of cardboard, metal, and planks of wood. In fact one family let us into their home. It was a one room house made of scraps of wood, and metal sheets as a roof. They had 2 small cots crammed into this small house. It was a mess! These people hardly have anything and they considered themselves blessed. God gave them what they needed and they were so content with what they had although they hardly have anything. They said they don’t need anything else– Jesus is all they need; its the only thing that they said makes them happy. That was just amazing to me. I look forward to going back to Mexico tomorrow 🙂  keep us and these families here in prayer.  –Nicole

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