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Mexico Day 4.half – Simple Pleasures

Guest blogger who doesn’t blog and i had to tie him down to the chair to put his thoughts here!  Didn’t really tie him down but here is his first ever post!

Its amazing how something as concrete as language can become so dynamic and how after one experience a =my definition of a word can change so much. I have always thought of myself as someone that is content with the simple things. All that I really want is a hot shower, a bag of twizzlers, and my music, but tonight as i was taking my hot shower I started thinking about the families i met today and how what I think of as simple pleasures are something that most Mexican families will never have. One of the men working at the mission, Ethan, told us that many houses don’t have water and will go two or three days before they drink anything, and those with water only get cold water. So there goes my simple hot shower.

After that we went into a house that was as big as or if not smaller than the vans that we are driving. The family that lived there was amazing the husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and given two years to live… nine years ago. Then in the last few months he found out that he had a brain tumor, however he told us as he struggled to control his own body about how he thanks God everyday for the things he has and the days that he is able to live. This man completely changed the definition I have of what is simple and what it is to be easily contented.

I am excited to see what God has in store for tomorrow.  –Jason

  1. cecilia
    July 23, 2008 at 12:31 am

    I am so proud to read how the Fusion Team Mexico is being a tool for good and gaining great insight.

    Your thoughts/prayers remind me of a song that says…”I’m just a little jealous of the nothing that you have, you’re unfettered by the wealth of
    the world that we pretend that’s going to last.
    They say God’s blessed us with plenty.
    I say you’re blessed with poverty”

    Dios te bendiga,

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