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Mexico Day 4 – Student Perspectives

Day 4 in Mexico and day 2 working with kids.  We made pet rocks, played soccer and I pushed little kids Josiah’s age on swings for what seemed hours.  They smiled and laughed the whole time saying “mas, mas”, which if you are like me means “more, more”!  Really great!  Tonight, I speak for the first time with a translator since I am one of the only graduating high school students from the 90 that graduated without taking a forign language.  I will blog later and let you know how it went!  In the meantime, here are some pics and students perspectives:

Today was day two of VBS. I am meeting alot of kids and even tho none of them speak english, language  is not as big of a barrier as one would think. every day we start off with worship and then the drama team preforms a skit. after the skit the group of kids split up into craft groups and and games groups. I’m not quite sure what the craft group does because i haven’t been with them, but the games time normally has alot of soccer and people getting wet. Every kid here loves soccer and playing it brings everyone together. no matter how good you are the kids wanted to play with you. Today a little boy came up and held my hands behind my back while 40 other kids soaked me with water bottles and sponges. even tho i cant understand a word any of the kids say i feel like I’m becoming close to a lot of them. the kids are also very fond of magic and juggling. i have a magic trick that the kids really enjoy and a friend of mine juggles. altogether i realy enjoyed working with the kids and i cant wait till tomorrow.  –Scott

We had an experience today that i will never forget. We toured some of the area in Acuna (however you spell it) and we met an amazing man and an amazing family.  This man was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and was told that he had 2 years to live, nine years ago. Not only that, he has had a tumor in his brain with was thankfully removed. We prayed for him and his family while we were scrunched in his cardboard house. This man lives in a house of paper and wood and he thanks god for the blessings he has bestowed upon them. This man is one of the strongest men and one of the strongest Christians i will ever meet.  I will never again have the right to complain with what i have for i am truly blessed compared to these people. I envy them in their happiness in poverty. I continue to grow as our week continues in Mexico.  –James

Oh my goodness. Mexico is amazing, and I am learning so much down here. Once i saw how people lived in Mexico my eyes were filled with tears. I absolutely couldn’t believe that we can have so much and still want more. These people don’t have anything, but they are the happiest people i have ever met. I’m having such a great time and i hope these people have the chance to get to know God.  –Kassidy

  1. Robert
    July 23, 2008 at 1:00 pm

    I’m glad you’re having a good time Scott. We miss you and love you very much.


  2. July 23, 2008 at 2:01 pm

    This is so great to see. I feel like I’m with you guys. Great blog Dan.

    Have fun!!

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