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Mexico Day 1 – We are Here!!!

Well we got here safely!  The trip from Plano to Del Rio wasn’t toooooo bad.  Luckily we realized we had forgotten to load the sound equipment before we got on the Highway, I wont mention that it was Andy’s responsibility to make sure it got loaded, so we were able to send one van back for it.

We arrived at Faith Mission at 5:05pm got unloaded, ate some spaghetti, corn and garlic bread.  Afterwards, we talked about general safety, rules while here and we were challenged by Pat, the Missionary here, to leave what we were used too back home back home, and give ourselves completely to God this week so we would have a better opportunity to impact one, two, or even several people!
We will go tomorrow to scope out where we will do VBS and hold our Soccer camp!  The two locations are supposed to only be 5 blocks apart.  We were also told today, in our leaders meeting, that we should expect 150-300 kids for VBS, if not more.

Sunday, we will tell our students how many kids we have the potential to impact this week and how important it is for them to be flexible and available for God to do big things.  This totally excites me, but at the same time scares me to death.  It has the potential to be incredible or chaotic.  It will be chaotic, if we try to do this in our own power . . . it will be incredible, if we step out of the way and let God have control using us to be instruments in His hands.  I am praying for option two.

Will you please join with us, as we pray for the families and children of Acuna.  May God move in the hearts of His children this week.  Those serving and those participating!

  1. Sandra
    July 20, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    Hey, glad you had a good trip down! So happy to hear you are there safely with such a good challenge for the week.
    I can’t imagine what God will do in and through you all and for the people you will love on! Can’t wait to hear the stories!!
    As a mom it is great to hear the reports, thanks for keeping us updated. Know that our prayers are constant for you all!

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