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Mexico Day 2 – Student Perspectives

We started the day off with worship. Josh led our group and then Pat, challenged us with one question . . . Do you see people? Here are the scriptures he challenged us with:

Matthew 9:36-38
Matthew 14:14
Matthew 25:34
Luke 10:25-37

After our time together we went into Mexico to scope out where we will be serving. We went to Mission 1 and Mission 2. We will be teaching VBS and playing Soccer at Mission 1 and then Tuesday night we will be teaching in a church where I will share a message and our students will lead worship and play and minister to the children. It was a good day, here are some pics that we have taken so far!

Here’s what some of the students are saying about today:

Wow! Talk about an experience. We thought it would take at least 3 days to get to me. But, we went there one time and we were touched. We saw the way these people lived daily, and we could barely survive one day there. Walking around the neighborhood and seeing all these people, and animals barely surviving but yet, they had to live their entire life there. We are excited to be able to interact with these kids and families. It is gonna be great. We are stoked for the rest of the week.SOO (:
-Alyssa and Annie

Today was the first day in Mexico. We got to see the Church at witch we will be holding VBS at. We met the pastor and other people there. Most of the people that we met did not speak English, and it was really hard to communicate with them. After we were done we walked around Acuna handing out flyers to people that we saw to try and get them to come to the VBS program this week. The living conditions there are way different from what we are used to at home. From houses with missing roofs and/or walls to people sitting out on the street things are very different from what we are used to. Tomorrow will be the first day of actual VBS and im extremely exited to be able to work with the children of acuna.

Let me tell you just a little bit about my thoughts right now. In Plano we complain about not having enough to do. In Acuna kids play with sticks and recycled toys. I just got a brand new car and I saw a family of 5 living in a house with no windows or doors and a roof made of cardboard. God has the possibility to do some amazing things this week in Mexico as well as our lives. We’re all spoiled out of our minds and we don’t even know it. Pray for God to humble the rest of us this week.


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