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Time Out

So, this weekend as I put Josiah in Time Out for one of the many things he has done lately, Jackson our 1 year old thought it was time to play. Here is a pic,

As a dad what do you do? We didn’t experience the terrible two with Josiah, but the three’s and four have been ruff. Yes he has had to deal with a lot this past year so we try to be understanding, but the kid just seems to do off the wall things leaving Steph and I saying, “Where did he learn that?” So we are looking at what we watch, how we talk, how we act and respond to situations, because he is starting to model who we are. This is the scary reality we must face as parents. Or we could just blame the kids he goes to school with. After all, he didn’t act this way until he went t school this last year! It’s much easier to play the blame game instead of owning our own dysfunction.

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  1. Stephanie
    June 11, 2008 at 1:03 pm

    My pour little boy. We love him like crazy, but he is a handfull these days. This morning Josiah bounced a wooden thomas the train off of Jacksons little head. I sure am glad that God makes little brothers tuffer.

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