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What Is Your Leadership Skill Set?

Next week I am heading to a leadership summit put on by, you guessed it, leaders summit. Tuesday, two days ago, I was given a stack of stuff for the conference and was told before I attend I have to take an online leadership evaluation and fill out 3 pre-session info sheets. I took a deep breath as he handed it to me and set it on my desk to plow threw yesterday. Well yesterday came and went and i didn’t touch it so today I pulled it out and took the online test to see what my strengths and weaknesses were when it comes to my leadership. I hate taking test like this, I think it’s partly because of my perfectionist mindset and trying to read in-between-the-lines sickness, plus I never give myself a perfect 10 because only Jesus was perfect so I probably mess everything up by that. I know I need help!

However, the test was informative and it is free to take at www.leaderssummit.org . Here is how I scored

Vision 9
L3 8
Followers 8
Signature Soulprint 9
Change Agent 7
Emotional Intelligence 8
Execution 7
Character 9
Communication 8
People Skills 8
Inspire 9
Social Intelligence 8

I am guessing 1 bad 10 great. I typically look at this in terms of percentage. A 9 would be 90% and so on. Some of the questions were based on my opinion and I am sure I skewed it one way or the other. I think I am going to ask 3 of my volunteers to take it with me in mind and see how I come out in thier opinion. That will at least help me see where I really am and where I think I am.

I let you know how the conference goes! If your a leader I encourage you to take the test and see where your strong and weak points are. It only takes about 10 minutes if you’re slow like me!

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