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Family Day

Its been a long, but fun day with the family. It all started with one of my sons friends b-day party. Hayden turned three today and had a party at Going Bonkers. What a fun place!!! Josiah and I played in all the ropes/nets and slides together. It’s a lot easier on the knees than the tubes and tunnel stuff typically at a fast food places play place. It was so much fun! However, after watching the staff rush the party through I don’t know if I would pay to have a birthday party there. It seemed like we would just get done with one thing and we had to move on to the next. But this was just the beginning of out long day!

Next we went to one of my favorite places Steak N Shake. It was the usual good food. But the best part came when Josiah (3) asked if he could go pay. So I gave him some money and the ticket and he went to the counter and paid. You could tell he felt so grown up!!! As he sat on the stool he told the manager that he was ready, then he looked to my wife and I who were watching him from our table and winked at us. Where he gets this stuff is beyond me, but it was so awesome to see him be so proud of himself!

After Lunch we went to the Lewisville Mall (also known as the vista ridge mall). Not that we needed anything, we simply went to hang out and walk of all the good Steak N Shake we ate. Walked the whole mall, bought one pair of shoes that would send my wife on a hunt for shoes that would fill the rest of our day. After we left the mall we had to go to DSW, Famous Footwear, Payless Shoesource and the Shoe Pavilion, all to find out that non of these places had her size in the shoes that she wanted. After Josiah cried through the whole last store we took him to Toys’R’Us. He loved it. AND we actually walked out of there with two boys not crying and no toys. Suprise.

We ended the night at Ihop for dinner, all to remind ourselves that the time changes tonight. Fun day, alot of memories, tiered boys and feet! We are so blessed!!!!

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  1. Brian Mills
    March 9, 2008 at 1:40 pm

    hey man yeah i was @ The Church at BattleCreek w/ a guy named Alex Himaya…. keep in touch… bmills@second.org

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