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The Book On Leadership – Taking Charge

I have to apologize, for my lack of discipline in getting through this book. The book started out really good, but then seems to be redundant as we glean in-depth insite to the passage. At times, I feel like saying “I got that already”. We are getting ready to look at what Paul says is leadership in the next couple of chapters in the book. So that will be nice. Here is what I underlined from chapter 4:

*** True leadership is tested and proved in crises. The real leader is the one who can handle the stress. He is the one who can solve the problems, bear the burdens, find the solutions, and win the victories when everyone else is merely flustered, confounded, and perplexed.
* Leadership Principle #7 – A Leader Never Compromise the Absolutes!
*** When God has spoken, there can be no compromise.
*** The person who refuses to compromise under any and every circumstance is obstinate, unreasonable, and selfish. That sort of strong-willed inflexibility is sinful and has been the ruin of many relationships and organizations.
*** But when it comes to matter of principles – moral and ethical foundations, biblical absolutes, the axioms of God’s Word, God’s clear commands, and the truthfulness of God Himself – it is never right to compromise. The true leader understands that and knows where to hold the line.
*** Too many people are timid and fearful of confrontation in circumstances like these. Not the real leader. Real leaders have a clear understanding of what is absolute and what is negotiable, and they hold the line on the principles that truly matter.
*** For the spiritual leader, the absolutes are established by the Word of God. A leader who applies all the other principles of leadership can perhaps achieve a measure of pragmatic effectiveness. But this principle will test your true mettle as a leader. No one can be a truly effective spiritual leader unless he understands the essential truths of Scripture and refuses to compromise its absolute authority. This principle applies, I am convinced not just to pastors and church leaders, but also to Christians in any walk of life who desire to be good leaders.
* Leadership Principle #8 – A Leader Focuses on Objectives, not Obstacles!
* Leadership Principle #9 – A Leader Empowers By Example!
*** Paul’s triumph was the triumph of great leadership. Tested in the crucible of crisis, he stepped up and showed how a true leader acts. He was decisive. He was determined. He was clear thinking and levelheaded. He took control when things were otherwise out of control. And God honored his efforts with amazing success. He didn’t compromise the absolutes, nor was he distracted from his objective by the obstacles. And he led by example.

Taken from John MacArthurs book, “The Book On Leadership”

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