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The Book on Leadership – Intro

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I just started reading this book by John MacArthur. So far so good. Here are the things I underlined from the Intro:

What makes a leader?
-According to Christ, then, the truest kind of leadership demands, service, sacrifice, and selflessness. (Matt. 20:25-28)
-They will exemplify sacrifice
-Leadership for the Christian always has a spiritual dimension
-All Christians in every kind of leadership are called to be spiritual leaders
-Every leader who is also a christian – inclueding the manager of the widget factory, the football coach, and the public-school kindergarten teacher – needs to remember that the leadership role is a spiritual responsibility, and the people we lead are a stewardship from God, for we will one day be called to give an account (Matt. 25:14-30)
-A true leader inspires followers
– Leadership is influence. The ideal leader is someone whose life and character motivates people to follow.
Real leadership seeks to motivate people from the inside, by an appeal to the heart, not by external pressure and coercion.
-For all those reasons, leadership is not about style or technique as much as it is about character.
-True spiritual leadership is about character, not style
-The real leader is an example to follow. And the best example to follow, as Paul knew, is the one who follows Christ.
-Biblical principles of leadership are not principles for the church only. In fact, Christians ought to be the trend-setters for all secular, corporate, and political leadership, rather than thoughtlessly borrowing from the world whatever seems to “work.”
-Every Christian is called to be a leader of sorts, at some level, because all of us are given a mandate to teach and influence others.
-Clearly, then, all Christians are called to influence others and teach them the truth about Christ. Therefore, no matter what your status, position, giftedness, or occupation, you are called to be a leader at some level.

If you want to know more, click here to buy the book! Or check back later as I share the things I underline from each chapter!

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