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Exodus 40:1-38

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“Then the cloud covered the Tabernacle, and the glory of the LORD filled the Tabernacle.” v34
The Tabernacle was God’s home on earth. He filled it with his glory – the overpowering sense of his presence. Almost 500 years later, Solomon built the Temple, which replaced the Tabernacle as the central place for worship. God also filled the Temple with his glory. But when Israel turned from God, his glory and presence departed from the Temple, and it was destroyed by invading armies. The Temple was rebuilt in 515 B.C. Gods glory returned in even greater splendor nearly five centuries later when Jesus Christ, God’s Son, entered it and taught. When Jesus was crucified, God’s glory again left the Temple. However, God no longer needed a physical building after Jesus rose the dead. God’s temple now is his church, the body of believers.

Taken from the NLT Life Application Study Bible

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