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Steak-n-Shake for Heaven Sakes

November 5, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

My three year old son who is beginning to pick up on words that we say and use them in the proper manner. One of the words/phrases that he has heard his Mother and Nana say is the phrase “for heaven sakes” no big deal right! Well that’s not exactly how he says it! On Friday at dinner we are sitting at the table eating, and my wife is getting my son something from the kitchen and he says “for heaven sakes mom” but as i listen i have to cipher what he is saying he is meaning to say “for heaven sakes” but because he is only 3 and still learning tongue control it sounds like “we’re having sex” My wife and I look at each other and of coarse we laugh. So now my son, thinks this is funny and says it several more times. That’s fine for us, because we are in our own home. . . .

Well, on Saturday Night, we are out to eat at Stake-n-Shake as a family and with one of our teenagers that now works in our ministry. Something happens in the coarse of our meal and my wife says, “for heaven sakes” All of the sudden my eyes got big because I knew what was going to happen next, almost as loud as he could, Josiah repeats what he hears his mom say, but he can’s say for heaven sakes, he tries but it sounds like “We’re having Sex”. Yes, It was loud, right there in the middle of family meals all over the Steak-n-Shake restaurant. It was pretty embarrassing, especially for the teenager we had with us!!!!

Kids are fun partly because you never know whats going to happen next!

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